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M.C Systems Integration has extensive experience in providing consultancy services and in the assimilation of communications systems in the IT market.

Motti Cohen - Managing Director
Motti served as the information technology director of BRM Capital and was responsible for the information systems needs of BRM Capital and its portfolio companies, when requested. His team deploys a hosting model (ASP) that can provide BRM companies with a turnkey research and development operation including all their hardware, software and communications needs. He also helped them develop scalable solutions that will fit their future needs. Before BRM Capital, Motti served as Senior IT Consultant at Xpert, an integrated systems firm. Where he was from the firsts employs as a Senior IT Consultant He was responsible on a variety of projects specialized on Exchange massaging systems. He was also the MIS system administrator at Egged and at John Bryce Training. Motti has taken a variety of courses in network management, among many others. He served in the intelligence corps in the Israeli Defense Forces.
Certified as: CNA, MCSE, MCP, CIO, CCSA, CCSE.
Company Profile     > Management